Fantasy is a genre very close to my heart. It was one of my first real love in reading as it was so very out of the normal. I loved the magic and the good versus evil aspects that was commonplace.

This section will be about those series in any fantasy genre that have meant the most to me.

Mercedes Lackey writes a series of books all based around the world of Velgarth in particular the kingdom of Valdemar. There are multiple books all based in trilogies for the most part.

My favourite from these are based on a young Talia also known as Queens Own. They start with Arrows of the Queen , Arrows Flight and Arrows Fall. It is all a coming of age and coming into oneself for these books.

The next series is by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman who wrote Dragonlance Chronicles. These are all about the power of the underdogs and a fight against an evil that you never can conquer fully. This was what brought me to reading fantasy

Joel Rosenberg created a completely unique series of books called Guardians of the Flame. It is about college kids being transferred to a fantasy world where they become characters that they play in a role-playing game.

Jim Butcher and his series The Dresden Files is an urban fantasy which I truly love as they have so many facets. You want the magic or vampires or the fae then this series checks all those boxes.

Dakota Banks writes a series of books all about the consequences of being in the employ of demons and just what can happen when you want to go back to being good. Mortal Paths is the series.

For young adult or younger there is no better series then JK Rowling and her Harry Potter series. I really enjoyed it but to me what was good was it grows as the reader grows. It is nice to see a book series that will grow with the reader.

Despite my misgivings I will add Lord of the Rings as the classic was great when I was younger now I am tired of it finding that these books really aren’t for me but they did mean a lot to me.