This is only for my favourite books of all time so it’s going to be hard to get onto this list.

First up is my favourite of all time and it’s none other than Torn Apart by Mel Comley. This book was the start of the Hero Nelson series which is my favourite series.

Second is one of my favourite ever in Paranormal Investigations. Its Bet You Can’t Find Me. This brought me the first of Catharine Mans series and have loved if ever since.

Next up is Evil Games by Angela Marsons which brought my favourite bad guy from a book. This just happens to be my favourite from the series and Alex is just amazing.

Next had probably the villain that had me get chills right down to my bones. Time to Die by Caroline Mitchell introduced us to the psychic and very insanely evil Bertram. Still get chills after all these years.

Probably my most unusual choice for Wall of Fame is one that’s not in a genre that I am all that familiar with. The author Carol Wyer is a great author who writes across multiple genres but is very well known for her crime books. I have to say her other books which are romantic comedies are so good as well. Suddenly Single has to be on the wall as it’s such a powerful story and really goes past the genre especially on one that I am not known to read. The books stayed with me for so long after finishing it.