A lot of people look for recommendations on what is a good book to read. I am going to separate these out and put them via genre.


Hero Nelson series by MA Comley. Crime or thriller. This is my favourite book series ever and has such great and amazing characters and stories.

Catherine Manns series by Linda S. Prather. Pararnomal thrillers. Best paranormal series I have read that deals with crime.

Jennifer Knight series by Caroline Mitchell. Paranormal thrillers was my first of this type and this still has one of the best villains ever.

Kim stone series by Angela Marsons. Thrillers. One of the best series and still has the all time best villain.

Cvxi series by Angie Smith. Great trilogy. Crime books.

Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey. Epic fantasy

Diana Tregarde series by Mercedes Lackey. Urban fantasy.

DI Natalie Ward series by Carol Wyer. Crime books.