Everyone has books that they think are must reads. Here is my list of what I call must reads. I will tell you genre as well.

Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. While I have read this so many times and have found my tastes have changed so much I still recommend this book for those who are into fantasy. It inspired so many that it is a top Fantasy choice.

The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett. This is a fantasy with a twist which is comedy. He has such amazing imagery and really does have a lot going. I love humour and I think this is the must read for comedic fantasy.

Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. A trilogy of books in fantasy that had some of the best characters I have ever read. It is a great book and allows you to sink your teeth into one of the most unique settings I have seen.

Shake Hands with the Devil by Romeo Dallaire. This is jon fiction and there aren’t many I recommend this is definitely at the top of the list. Dealing with the massacres or genocide in Rwanda and from the perspective of a person who ran the peacekeeping force who couldn’t enforce the peace.

Diary of Anne Frank. This is another book that is non fiction and I found the book enthralling and terrifying at the same time as it deals with the holocaust from the standpoint of a young girl in hiding.

Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks. Again a fantasy novel that is one of the best. This is a first in a series and the only one I really recommend as this is the best and shows such a great writing and storytelling ability.

Dune by Frank Herbert. The first book in a series of science fiction and while it starts slow and can be hard to read it’s one of the best of the genre and really has stood the test of time.

More to come