One of the best feelings is being quoted for what you say about a book.  Watching the Bodies has become one  of my favourite reads as it has one of the best characters that I have been introduced to.

I got a second quote for the second book in this wonderful series.  It has been an honour to read these books as ARC’s and to see how the author has managed to keep me guessing with his main character.

And here is one of the authors who has supported me throughout my growing pains as a blogger.  It meant so much to me when an author takes an interest in my blog and makes me feel special

Here is a calendar

Quote for The Revelation Room by Mark Tilbury and bloodhound books

Borrowed the image from Noelle Holten of Crimebookjunkie

I got another quote on a banner this one for Deadly Friendship by Tara Lyons

A quote from my favourite series by MA Comley for the 4th Hero book Double Jeopardy