Sometimes I just love a villain.  It’s hard to find a villain that really grips me where I can’t wait for them to get their just dessert.

In no particular order here is a list of some of my favourite villains. 

Alex is Angela Marsons Evil Games book.  The choice for this one was simple she just had the image of a good girl but was a complete sociopath and used her skills against everyone.

Bertram from Caroline Mitchell Jennifer knight series.  He gave me the creeps with his occult style ways.

Bob Meyers from In Plain Sight by MA Comley.  This came from an amazing book so this villain had to be added.

The Escape Artist is the Deception Series by MA Comley and Linda Prather.  Who wouldn’t want to see that idiot get what he has coming especially for what he did to the sister of Foxy.