This topic is very near and dear to me. I love series of books as I like seeing how characters progress over that time and what an author builds up to.

When I think about my favourite series it is hard because I have read so many over the years including classics in fantasy like Tolkien.

How I class my favourites is simple if the books are ones I can’t put down or where I am going insane waiting for the next one in the series it most likely will make the list.

A list of my favourites are below.

Hero Nelson Series by Mel Comley. When I think about books these books always come out on top. The main character is amazing and I love seeing what he is growing into. So far this series is four novels and each one brings something different and new to my experience in dealing with Hero. In 2017 he also did a joint book called Heroic Justice with Lorne.

Jake Boulder series by Graham Smith. This is a difevent style of series and I was lucky to be provided an arc of the second book. I like this series as the main character Jake is great and is flawed just like us. He has a powerful story in him and I am enjoying the journey as it unfolds.

Mortal Path series by Dakota Banks. This is an urban fantasy that I really fell for as you see the evil character go back to good and is redeeming herself for her past. It is an amazing series though not yet complete. Unfortunately this series may never be completed as the author and the publisher have went there separate ways but I hope one day to see book 4.

Arrows series by Mercedes Lackey. This is the ones about Talia and I love a female character who you see gain in strength and confidence until she turns into the final incarnation. This is my favourite series by Mercedes Lackey and is linked with Valdemar novels.

Jennifer Knight series by Caroline Mitchell. This was my first paranormal thriller series I had read and fell in love with how it was done. The psychic angle wasn’t overdone but still brings something elsebtobtbr forefront of the books.

Catherine Mans series by Linda Prather. A truly amazing psychic book thst hits all the right places. Very moving and powerful.

Keri Arthur has a wonderful series starting with city if light. It deals with a post apocalyptic world where wars and genetic manipulation happened and now the aftermath is horrible.