Bad Sons by Oliver Tidy blogtour 

Book Description:

David Booker returns to Romney Marsh on the south coast of England for a holiday. He is expecting to spend time helping his aunt and uncle pack up the stock of their second-hand bookshop in preparation for a happy retirement.
He arrives in Dymchurch on a miserable April night to find his relatives missing without word or clue regarding their whereabouts.
As events unravel, the outlook of the local police pushes Booker to search for his own answers to the questions surrounding his family’s disappearance. To unravel the mystery he will have to put himself in danger. 
Will Booker find the answers he needs and make it out alive? 

Author Bio:

Oliver Tidy was born and bred on Romney Marsh, Kent. After a fairly aimless foray into adulthood and a number of unfulfilling jobs he went back to education and qualified as a primary school teacher.

A few years of having the life sucked out of him in the classroom encouraged Oliver abroad to teach English as a foreign language. The lifestyle provided him the time and opportunity to try his hand at writing.

Oliver’s success as a self-published author has led to his Booker & Cash series of books, which are set mainly on Romney Marsh, being signed by Bloodhound Books. 

Oliver is now back living on Romney Marsh and writing full time. 


My Review 

As I sit here I still try and put my thoughts in order for dealing with this book.  While I did enjoy it just not in the way many think.

In the book I saw the ending coming while not a bad thing it didn’t come as a surprise at all.  Sometimes I like to be shocked but this is not one of these books. 

Onto the characters they were not altogether memorable other than David Booker who seemed a little dim at times as to what was happening.   While I did feel for him it seemed he was notes emotional as I figured he would be.  

It shows a hugely different facet into the human mind.  I am looking forward to more from this author in the future. 

Dead souls by Angela marsons 

As the 6th installment in this wonderful series Angela Marsons has made a name for herself as one of the top authors in her chosen genre.

This book deals with one of my all time favourite female leads in Kim Stone.  She is a no nonsense type lady who is one of the most capable detectives I have read about.  It makes me glad that she isn’t a stereotypical lead and that she can be seen as a person and not just a character. 

What I really like about this book is it deals with some difficult families.

Angela marsons has am ability to capture your attention and to keep you guessing the entire time.  I am very pleased to have been part of the journey for all of these books as all of them are top of the line books.

Watching the Bodies by Graham Smith blog tour

Book Description:

When Jake Boulder is asked by his PI friend to help investigate the vicious murder of Kira Niemeyer, he soon finds himself tracking a serial killer who selects his next victim in a most unusual manner.

As the body count rises, Boulder has to work with the police to identify the heinous killer before more lives are taken. What ensues is a twisted game of cat and mouse, that only Boulder or the Watcher can survive.

About the author 

Author Bio:

Graham Smith is married with a young son. A time served joiner he has built bridges, houses, dug drains and slated roofs to make ends meet. Since Christmas 2000 he has been manager of a busy hotel and wedding venue near Gretna Green, Scotland. 

An avid fan of crime fiction since being given one of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books at the age of eight, he has also been a regular reviewer and interviewer for the well-respected website since 2009

He is the author of four books featuring DI Harry Evans and the Cumbrian Major Crimes Team and one book, WATCHING THE BODIES in a new series featuring Utah doorman, Jake Boulder.


My review

Jake Boulder a man Who has a heart of gold and fists of thunder.   Who wouldn’t want to have Jake on your team.  He is a fighter who does what is right with a code of honour not seen often.

This book really hot the mark and is not a typical thriller as it had so much action packed into its pages.  It also has a lot of morals that are shown and of course a number that are broken.

As a former martial artist I see Jake as a anti hero.  He isn’t averse to breaking the law or even using violence to suit his purposes however he has a sense of honour and never goes overboard with the violence preferring to end the fight by the quickest route.

The story was too notch and is what I have come to expect from this author.  He has a skill at making his characyers likeable as well as capable.  

This book had just what I needed at the time a book that had action but also had a lot of crime solving in it as well.  I am looking forward to more of Jake Boulder and what happens next.

The girl on the bus by NM Brown

Today is my stop on #TheGirlOnTheBus by @Normthewriter.

Book synopsis

A retired detective and a young woman are about to face their worst fears.

Vicki Reiner is emotionally isolated and craves the fleeting happiness she experienced in the years prior to her college graduation. In an attempt to recapture this, she invites her former friend and room-mate, Laurie, for a break at her deserted beachside home. However, despite booking an online bus ticket, her friend never shows up and seems to have vanished.

Unable to accept the bizarre circumstances of the disappearance, Vicki approaches the police who dismiss her concerns before enlisting the reluctant help of Leighton Jones – a newly retired detective who is haunted by the death of his teenage daughter. Despite trying to remain detached from the case, Leighton is drawn to Vicki and her search for justice.

The unlikely pair face numerous obstacles but using a combination of methods he and Vicki track the killers who are working across the dusty freeways of North America.

Soon Vicki and Leighton find themselves nervously waiting at a remote bus stop expecting the arrival of the bus.

Will they ever discover what happened to Laurie?

And can they both escape with their lives?

My Review

What can I say about this book.  It was harrowing to read this book and had a lot of vivid imagery.  I love the main characters and seeing how well they interact with each other.

It was a very interesting read one that has a lot of plight for Leighton Jones as well as Vickie.

Leighton they showed him as a tough as nails former cop but in reality you see a fragility about him that you didn’t really expect.

I am looking forward to more from this author as thrynhave such ability to capture situations so well.