Formerly I played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and I loved the wizard class and always played it. The attraction of casting a spell whether it be sleep or a magic missile just was too hard to turn down. The following is my favourite wizards

Vanyel from Mercedes Lackey Valdemar series. The reason for this one is because he grows a lot as a character and has a lot of pain but still carries on with his life and with magic.

Kethry from Valdemar Series. She is powerful in her chosen magic discipline and she is humble about that power. She also is friends with my favourite fighter and helps to make her clan strong again.

Sadira from Dark Sun by Troy Denning. She is a not as powerful as some but gains much experience from her trials that she must face. It is unique magic system as you must pull life out to be able to cast your spells with any success.

Raistlin from Dragonlance is a powerful force of nature when it comes to his magic. When you first meet him in the Chronicles he is weak but is growing in strength magical wise. His passion for magic and his jealousy of magic is what keeps him strong and willing to take the risks necessary to reach the top level of mages.