Today a question was asked whobthe best fighter warning fantasy. Being a former martial artist it was a question that I am very interested in.

Now taking into consideration these fighters will all be those who have amazing skills in physical combat either via hand to hand combat or long range weaponry. The other criteria is going to be tactics and strategy.

The top 10 fighters for me

10. Legolas from Lord of the Rings. He has such skill with the bow and he is one of the members who was chosen to accompany the hobbit on his quest.

9. Tanis from Dragonlance Chronicles by Weiss and Hickman. This is going to be controversial. He was the leader of the Heroes of the Lance and was skilled in both ranged weaponry as well as well as the sword. He doesn’t have the best strategy at times but he does have talent.

8. Rikus from Troy Denning Darksun books. He was a gladiator in the arena before he became a freedom fighter. He was unique in his choice of weaponry as he loved his paired fighting sticks.

7. Durzo Blint from Brent Weeks trilogy. He has been around for centuries and he doesn’t always use his weapons but his fists as well. He is strong and capable of pretty much anything

6. Kero from By the Sword by Mercedes Lackey. She is a powerful character and is one of the few females that I can say captivated me so much. She is beautiful and she is well trained in both hand to hand combat plus ranged combat and is a tactician of some reknown.

5. Tore Vargr from the Wolf you Feed by Angela Stevens. This one is urban fantasy but I just love the shifter angle and his skills as a fighter are great.

4. Percy Jackson from Rick Riordan series. He is young but he has a lot of talent that you see from start to finish.

3. Louis-cesare from Karen Chance series. He is a fantastic fighter and he is a vampire but he doesn’t have the attitude that many of them did. One of My favourite vampires to have been written.

2. Carl Cullinaine from Joel Rosenberg series. He is strong and thick at times but has a heart of gold. What he lacks in tactics he makes up for that by allowing his friends to help.

And the number 1 fighter in a fantasy series is

Tarma from Oathbound and Oathblood by Mercedes Lackey. The top is a female who is powerful and is a great fighter but she also has one of the best tactical minds I have seen.