Leaving off from who the best mage or fighter is I want to focus on who in your opinion is the best crime solver. They aren’t always cops but most probably will be.

1. Hero Nelson from MA Comley hero series. This should come as no surprise as I am a huge Hero fan and it’s my favourite series.

2. Catherine Manns from Linda Prather. This is another no brainer love this character and the fact that its paranormal makes it even better.

3. Maggie James by Noelle Holten. While this is really a debut it made me really love this character.

4. Erika Foster from Robert Bryndza. Having so many books and she has that little something I just love

5. Jennifer Knight from Caroline Mitchell. She was my first foray into paranormal investigation style book and oh what a wonderful debut into this genre.

6. Kim Stone from Angela Marsons. These books are great and she has a lot of great skills.

7. Jake Boulder by Graham Smith. More of a law unto himself he just radiates what I love. The attitude and the ability to fight and protect himself and friends.

For now that is all. Who is tour favourite solver of crimes?