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Welcome to Sean’s Book Reviews. I am Sean an avid reader who spans many different genres.

I am addicted to books and to reading. I live in Toronto Ontario Canada and work in Finance which doesn’t leave a lot for creativity but opening up my blog has allowed me to stretch my creative wings again.

I am a former gymnast and martial artist who now suffers through a lot of pain due to knee injuries that I have had. It has allowed me to get more into reading as I can’t be near as active as I once was.

I started out with Mystery novels but progressed to Fantasy and stayed reading only fantasy for almost 20 years. I now will read almost anything at least once as I want to get the most out of my reading pleasure.

Currently I am reading a lot of Crime or Thriller style books but I still read the occasional fantasy especially from some of my all time favourite authors.

A few of my top authors in the genres that I prefer are

1. Mercedes Lackey for her wonderful Valdemar Series and Diana Tregarde series

2. Jim Butcher for his Dresden Files Series of books.

3. M.A. Comley for her Hero Nelson Series and her Justice Series.

4. Linda S. Prather for her Catherine Manns series.

5. D.K. Hood for her Alton and Kane series

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  1. Hi Sean, This is just a brief note to thank you for taking part in Rachel’s Blog Tour for my novel “Celeste Three is Missing.” It’s set partly in north America (OK, the US!) which I hope will give it a wider appeal.
    I hope you enjoy the book and I’m looking forward to learning what you think of it.
    Sincerely, Chris

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