This book was wonderful but frustrating at the same time. The characters still seemed to act the same but just there seemed something slightly off.

The book felt more like the ending of the Dresden series and we went full circle. There was a lot to love about this book but also there was stuff that had me wanting to throw the kindle.

Harry is truly one of the most sarcastic and one of those who stands up to bullies. His basic nature is to be an irritant to everyone.

Carlos in this book more annoyed me and I felt that I began to hate him so much. Before I always loved his character and how solid he was.

McCoy who also was a favoured character now seems to me a bitter old man who doesn’t understand what he had with Dresden.

Murphy is much as always a strong presence who doesn’t follow what Harry wants and does what she can to protect the people who used to be in her charge.

Molly is still amazing and is a force to be reckoned with whenever she puts forth her magic.

Mab showed me more as well in this book that she isn’t always just out for herself and can be helpful and take care of others. She is strong and shows so much passion in this book.

Lara while she is the sex kitten you can see how powerful she is and what type of allie she would make.

This book felt like an ending because of all that has happened with the characters and it feels bad that this is how it felt as I believe that more will come and it just feels different.

In some ways it would be a start of a new era and that means different stories and maybe more characters that will come in.

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