This is the second in the new series that basically restarts the Justice series. While it isn’t the same because no Lorne but in her place Katy is the new queen of the squad and Charlie is part of this team.

I love this story and is definitely showing more versatile characters and relationships. Charlie is really a great part of the team already and she still feels new.

Katy is a great leader and her interactions with Sean are very different as well. She has a great personality and her personal life seems to be very squared away.

The story in itself is very fun and had a lot of intricate parts. The powerful story of this book shows a lot about the characters.

The story was all about revenge and I love a great revenge story. It has more potential then most other plots and I find that these types of story really resonates with me.

This is one of tbe best books I have read this year and I think the start of justice again.

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