This is a great story and I really think that the lives of the victims of Jack the Ripper should be told. It is often we get caught up in the name and the acts that made these women famous instead of the fact that these were women who had desires and issues and lives.

The first of the five was Polly Nichols and from the get go I felt her pain and anguish that must have been a constant in her life. She seemed to drift and always return to the very real disease of alcoholism.

It also really shows the times as they were and that women were second class and were expected to be protected by first their father and then their husband. The whole point was made that maybe she deserved her fate because of her behaviours which were nothing to be killed over. It just shows what a male centric place it was at the time.

The second victim was Annie Eliza Smith. Reading this it seems a pattern was struck where annie was much like the first death they were both alcoholics. It is something that maybe the person was watching for was someone who had a problem with drinking.

Annie didn’t feel like a likeable person and it was hard to really feel for her in anyway. I mean feel bad that she was killed and some of the rotten stuff that happened I think she is not very memorable.

The third victim is Elisabeth who was a swedish immigrant. She was a respectable girl who worked as a servant.

They also talk about her issues with alchohol as well which is sad as it is a main area that seems to be attached to these women.

I felt sorry for this woman as he life didn’t seem to go well and she was suffering from other issues not entirely of her own making.

The fourth victim is Kate she sounded interesting and she had a hard life as well. She was poor and it seems that her husband wasn’t the man he should have been. She was also into drinking and that means 4 of them were really into alchohol and while it isn’t a reason for the murders it seemed that this could have been part of the cause or the reason why they were chosen.

The fifth victim was mary jane. She also seemed to be heavily into drinking which shows all 5 of these women were fighting this horrible disease.

Looking at it this way you wonder that the person hunting and killing these women was looking for vices that they could exploit.

The book showed a big differential of Jack the Ripper. It was interesting to read and I really think it is important to show these victims and women and not just for the ending of their lives.

It also shows a lot about the time in which these events occurred and how one sided laws were against the female spouse. It’s hard to believe how sexist everything was.

I feel how important this book is as a fan of all of the myths that had come up about Jack the Ripper this really shows the changing of perceptions and this is very important for us as a society to stop sensationalizing these people and focus more on the victims.

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