The Calling of the Trinity

The fate of the supernatural world lies in the hands of the Trinity. Now that their powers have
awakened, they’re one step closer to putting an end to the Darkness surrounding them. Or so they

The death of Wren’s father brings an unsolicited visit from the Alpha Master of the Thornwood
werewolf pack, and with it some troublesome news. Wren is faced with a decision that could mean
the end of his life if he doesn’t choose wisely.

A mysterious book hidden in a secret room just might have the answers the Trinity is searching for.
Perhaps with a little help from the past, a winged guardian, and new friends–the Trinity can
persevere and rise against the Darkness.

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Author Bio – Brittany graduated from college with a degree in photography, and later became on obedience instructor. During the day, Brittany manages an FBO at a local hometown airport in Ohio and services aircraft. Writing has always been her greatest passion. She enjoys the outdoors and
exploring new places in an endlessquest to keep that artistic inspiration burning.

Social Media Links – You can find me on Facebook (BrittanyEliseAuthor) my

Instagram handle is
Carbon_Stardust and I also have a website:

My thoughts

This was an interesting book that really held my attention with interesting characters.

I think this is a great for those who don’t read a lot of supernatural style books and want an easier start to this genre.

I really like how he author makes the characters pop and come alive. It doesn’t have the same feel as other fantasy style novels and reminds me more of young adult style books. I really enjoyed it and think there is so much to offer to the audience.

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