The second book in the Kate Marshall series and I really wasn’t sure what to expect as the first book blew me away .

Tbe second book started off a bit slow but it fired up after a few chapters. It shocked me at first as I find that I am growing to like Kate more and more.

Kate is extremely talented and also flawed. It’s what makes her more attractive of a character. I really enjoy the fact that her relationships always seem strained and that she fights for everything. Her desires to in some ways be back as police always seems to shine through.

Tristan is such an interesting character who has such great potential while I am sometimes wanting to strangle him he still has so much to offer in a story.

The story itself deals around one family and it shows a lot about the priviledge of wealth. Power of money is very important in this story and I think it permeates everything that happens in the book.

This book really shows how versatile the author is. Each of his characters are so powerful and quite different. I started reading this author when he wrote Erica Foster and the book and this character is so different from her it’s amazing to see.

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