The Rue Stone
The rue is a mysterious and rare being who is rarely seen, and Janna is amazed when one arrives at
the inn where she works, looking for a room. The next morning, her life has changed, and she is left
wondering whether she will ever see him again, but only time and the rue stone know the answer to
that question.
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Author Bio –
Having written all of my life, I decided to self-publish my writing when I turned 50. I have published
four books since then. Two are collections of short stories; Dark & Fluffy; Dark & Fluffy II and 500
Words, which is flash fiction. My latest book The Rue Stone is a fantasy novella.
My passion is medieval fiction, and I am working on my first novel The Little Servant – The Wait’s
Son, set in the 12th century, in Lincoln, where I live.
All four books are available on Amazon.
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My Thoughts

An interesting story and I think this was written very well.

Characters were well thought out and were written very well. My only concern is I wasn’t too fond of some of the characters who you were supposed to like.

I guess it just goes to show you a great book doesn’t always need likeable characters. I did find the pace a bit slower than I normally like but all told this was a good book

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