This was one of my all time favourite books as it started a great fantasy series that was unique in more ways than I could ever have anticipated. If you are a person who had roleplayed in any fantasy world this is a perfect book for the geek that is us.

The premise of the book is unique in that a group of college students who thought that they were only playing a game are transported by there professor and game master to the world in which they had been playing. Each of them gains the attributes of their characters and the special abilities of those same characters.

The leader is a crippled gentleman named James-Michael. He always dreamed of being a whole person with none of them craziness of having no control over your life. He was the day dreamer and also the driving force in a lot of ways to ensure that his people were safe, As he was physically handicapped in real life he of course played something that was very active and allowed him more freedom. He was the dwarven fighter known as Ahira. A skilled leader and one of the better dwarven characters that I have read and that includes the Dwarves from The Hobbit,

Karl is a skinny dilettante in real life and has a huge crush on another of the characters. He is strong of mind and he cares so much for his people. He is a warrior in the truest sense especially as he is very protective even some could say overprotective especially of the women in the group.

Doria is my favourite character of this first book and it’s not because she is strong or a warrior or wizard but she is the support character and a cleric. It is great to see but more because you see some of the issues that she has had to deal with and that her mental health problems are very life like. Often there aren’t a lot of disabilities in Fantasy works of fiction and that is what causes me some issues. It seems that they skip over most issues that people could have and they make them all heroes. Is Doria a hero not in any real stretch of the imagination but she is the one that seems to me the most realistic and draws me to her,.

Normally I favour wizard but neither of the wizards that were part of this group were to my liking they seemed to be lacking in the wizardly area as that wasn’t the main focus of this story.

One thing that’s great is that this is more of a quest book and not truly like most fantasy books. They all know from the moment of transference what they need to do and what the main goal is which is Get Home. It shows that people are true to this in all aspects and that they want to really push to ensure that all of them will make it home.

This series goes on for a lot more books but the books divert from the main characters that you meet in this book after book 4. It is a shame as this had such a great premise and would love to have seen a lot more going on with those characters the further it got in the series. It is a shame that this series never really ended in any way as the author unfortunately passed away before an end to this series could happen.

To me this series would make a great TV show as well as it has a bit of everything that one could want. Action and adventure and magic as well. It is perfect for those that are looking for something that is not of the norm.

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