This is the first ever Darksun novel and it brings with it one of the most unique dungeons and dragons settings ever.

Background Arakis is a desert world for the most part because magic needs a life force to be used. Generally they use it from the plants which is why you see mostly desert.

Slavery is extremely common as are the Sorceror Kings who have magic and are the strongest of the strong.

Magic is twofold. Magic of the mind or psionics is a strong part of this world. Then there is the traditional magic however it is more linked to life then other settings.

The story was great and I love the idea of magic and psionics as a great combination for a world.

This story starts with Rikus and Neeva who are slaves of the High Templar Tithian. Along with there two friends I think you would say. One a dwarf and the other a halfling.

Anezka is a halfling who is so wild that people have no clue what she would do. Her ruthless behaviour shows so much about her.

Rikus to me isn’t the strongest lead character. He does have a great role to play in this story. His love could either break the rebellion of the veiled alliance or help to save it.

Ktandeo was one of my favourite characters but inknew he was never meant to be main. His magic was strong as was his opinions and ethics. He trained one of my favourite mages ever.

Sadira a strong mage who sees black and white and doesn’t realize that doing everything to win isn’t going to help the cause of the Veiled Alliance.

Agis is probably the best of them while he is a psionic he also is a councilor and while he does have his flaws overall he is a good man who cares about people including his slaves.

This is a great first book and while it is a reread for me it felt like I was putting myself back to high school when I was reading this series regularly.

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