This book is like going out and meeting up with old friends. The Justice series was a great series and really made you love the characters.

Justice Reborn is what I would call this as again the old crew is back in the first of this new series. Katy is the leader of this group and there is still a Simpkins involved this time its the daughter Charlie.

Sean is still overall in charge and still seems to be a jerk at times. I must say he shows Katy a much different tone and attitude then he had with Lorne.

I think Charlie fits in well with the team and despite the fact that her mother ran this team it hasn’t coloured the rest of the team that she is a rookie within the team.

Reading further into the book you start feeling for Sean but you know that he is strong and capable and also has the support of many friends.

The story in itself was very interesting but I seemed more attracted to the personal issues that happen with the team.

I really can’t wait for more from this series. I also think Charlie will become a favoured character as she seems to have such great potential.

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