Recently in a DragonLance group somone posted a controversial post about the good guys being boring. I thought and when we did a poll I also agreed that the good guys are boring.

Why I say this is some authors make good guys a paragon of virtues. This is so unrealistic because everyone can have the dark side and it takes time to fight it and patience to overcome.

To me a true good guy is boring. They don’t have the same draw that the villain or anti hero would have.

Part of the reason for this is that we all have the desire to be bad at times even if you never let yourself go there the thoughts are still there. Where the villain has knowingly made the choice to be bad we can see ourselves in them and realize that we aren’t that bad.

Taking Lord of the Rings it is a fight between good and evil and to be honest was very ho hum at times because each ofnthe good guys seemed too good. It’s why I liked the one fighter who got corrupted and tried to force the main character to relinquish the One Ring. Also why I liked Gollum he was evil but he didn’t necessarily do everything that is evil. You could see that he was corrupted and just wanted to really be by himself with his precious.

I tend to sway more to the Anti Hero someone like Jake by one of my favourite authors Graham Smith. The character is heroic but he is also flawed and to me is more anti Hero style. I loved the character because of his flaws and his virtues. It’s what makes a character stand out and pushes him from good to great.

What are your thoughts?

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