Some already know I am a huge Dragonlance geek loving the stories and the fight of good versus evil.

In this spotlight I will focus on Raistlin Majere a wizard who grows a lot over the books that he was in.

Raistlin started out in the series as a red robe wizard or as I would say a wizard who was neither good or evil but instead was that of neutrality.

Early on you see the dark side of Raistlin. He mocks his teammates for being less intelligent then he is and treats his twin brother as a slave making him take care of him.

Being powerful isn’t all its cracked up to be as it pushes you to want more. His power is a cause of concern throughout the series as his power grows so does his ambition.

Eventually the ambition in him takes over his very being despite at times showing a great sense of duty and protection to those less fortunate.

However his selfish nature always wins through as there is always something in it for him even if it’s not something tangible.

By the time the third book comes he is as dark as may be and has taken the robes of the black or evil gods of magic. His power is so strong he could fight the gods and win.

This character is one of my all time favourites because of his flawed nature and I love fighting for the underdogs.

This character has been in numerous books and makes me really fall for his persona. He is strong but he didn’t start that way instead you saw a weak body with a mind stronger than many. The problem is his ambition andnlust for power and the fact some powerful entities decided to help him become the most powerful ever.

He is the Master of Past, Present and Future.

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