In a facebook group we were talking about memorable characters and most powerful mages in series. I have already done a lot of posts about best fighters and best mages. Here is a list of most memorable characters in fantasy.

1. Raistlin from the dragonlance series by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. He is the anti hero and always felt for him especially as he was the underdog.

2. Sadira from Darksun by Troy Denning. This character was so much fun to see and she has some strong spells as well as unique ways of casting spells.

3.Tasslehoff from Dragonlance. For me this character is hard to put on as he drove me nuts but at the same time you can’t help but remember him.

4. Bob from The Dresden Files. The skull is sentient with an intellect spirit which is just memorable because he seems to be a sex entity as that is all he thinks about. He is very comedic with interactions with Harry.

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