I am a fan of the first two books of the trilogy of the Hunger Games. The final book left me wanting a lot.

This books goes to the 10th hunger games and you meet the sick and twisted Snow.

At first you feel that Snow is a good guy going through hard times. He is poor in Capitol and is trying his best to help the girl from district 12 win.

It is hard to think of him as a good guy as you saw a lot of bad in him from the other books and you wonder what caused him to change.

I really enjoyed this book though much longer than the other three books. It was necessary to really show what Snow was.

I felt sorry for him through most of the book but something was off about him. I kept thinking it’s because I know how evil he turns out but as you read you will understand just what I mean.

I think the story was good and you see a different version of The Hunger Games. In this case the mentors are students instead of winning tributes from the sectors.

The names in the books are just strange and they aren’t really normal even by the ones you saw in other books. Usually you see nicknames but some of these names are almost impossible to pronounce. Names such as Sejanus as well as Coriolanus. I think if the names had been easier I would have been much happier.

To me this book brought back the feelings about what I really loved about the initial book. This goes back to my original thinking of the books. I really want to see more and would love to see the first war or the first hunger games. Truly amazing just what this author can do.

On further reflection it seemed that my original thoughts might seem a bit too good. There are issues with the book and I think that there was too much filler despite that I said the length is needed.

This book showed a different side of the dystopian society that this book lands you in. The other item here is this book really is young adult but there are a lot of more mature nuances to this book that a young adult might not pick up on.

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