The Punishment

What do you do when you are an ex-soap star down on your luck and running out of money?

For Daniel Maple, a chance meeting in a nightclub presents him with an offer he finds hard to

But crime makes you pay.
And someone, somewhere, wants you punished.

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Clayton is an actor best known for his appearances as Ian Chapman in five series of the awardwinning Channel 4 comedy Peep Show and as Graham in two series of the BAFTA winning
comedy Him and Her. Other credits include Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Holby City as well as
This is Alan Partridge, Doctor Who, The Crown, Vera, Wolf. He is a former member of the Royal
Shakespeare Company.
His previous books are So You Want To Be A Corporate Actor? and The Working Actor and he is a
regular columnist in The Stage.
He is a proud patron of Grimm and Co, the children’s literacy charity, based in his home town of
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Extract from “The Punishment” for Seansbookreviews
One of my favourite films is “Theatre of Blood” in which Vincent Price,as an old
Shakespearean actor, disposes of his critics in a variety of ingenious ways. Part of the fun of
writing “The Punishment” was researching just how I might find some creative ends for
various characters in the story. Mr Dodds the butcher was part of my childhood, and sadly is
no longer with us. I hope he might forgive me for this.
He turned to the wall and pressed the button. A loud cranking sound
filled the room. The technology might have been modern, but it certainly
needed lubrication. Not that the noise worried Toby in any way as it
provided the perfect cover. Reaching behind him onto the metal table he
picked up the largest of the hooks and holding it behind his back, he
walked over to where Dodds stood with his finger on the green button.
“Impressive then. Saves you doing all the heavy lifting, does it?”
“It bloody does. Think it was all that lifting that killed my dad in the end.
At least it all makes it a lot easier…”
He didn’t finish his words. Toby swung his arm out into the air, his
gloved hand clutching the meat hook and plunged the metal into the
smiling red-faced butchers’ neck. Right at the top of his chest. As soon as
the hook caught hold, he began to pull downwards, ripping flesh from
bone and pulling the man’s chest apart.
An initial look of surprise on Dodds’ face turned to a stretched scream of
anguish and a metallic choke in his throat. Grabbing the man under both
arms, Toby pulled him a foot or so across the floor and placed the end of
the hook that wasn’t embedded in the butcher’s chest onto the metal rack.
Then, pushing himself away, he stood by the wall and held the green
button down as Dodds ascended skywards with the other carcasses.
From “The Punishment” by Paul Clayton

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