This is a candid look at the life of the creator of Babylon 5. J. Michael Straczynski.

He lived a horrid childhood and nearly adult life with an abusive father and a mother who seemed similar.

I am shocked at what I read about his life and how it affected him in such a profound and disturbed way.

I loved the stories of him and his dealing with B5 andnthe actors who played some of my favourite characters.

Seeing some of the pitfalls of acting and writing as well as the friendship and the loss of his friends.

As actors he talked about Jeff Conaway who ended up turning his life around but in the final season ending up falling off the wagon and being addicted to drugs again.

Jerry Doyle and his story and now understanding just how close Garibaldi was to Jerry both being alcoholics.

Hearing why Andrea left the show which was sad as she was a favourite character of mine and nothing could really take her place in that series.

I really enjoyed the book but wanted more stories about B5 and the actors that brought his dreams to life

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