This book has been my most anticipated read in the last few years. I have been waiting with anticipation for this book since it was initially announced a number of years ago.

Was the anticipation worth it Hell Yes. It was a great read but with that anticipation this also means a let down as well as I finished it the day it came out and now I have to wait again for the next release.

This is one of the top series I have read and while the books that are newer arent as entertaining to me as the first one they are still great and had so much to offer.

Murphy is still an amazing character despite her issues with health. While she isn’t a huge part of this book she definitely does need to be there. She humanizes Harry so much and finally seeing them in a different light is what made my heart warm.

Molly is still as ever an enigma that you can’t figure out. She is the Winter Lady and she still has her own unique style which just doesn’t seem to mesh with her family ties.

Ebenezer you see a much harsher side to him in this book and while you knew was there it was still hard to see as I always be this character. The fact is in this book he really does make me hate on him especially how he treats Harry.

Harry is still as powerful and smart ass as ever. I really love that he is stronger and that he still doesn’t care what the council of his peers thinks. He does what he believes is right and fuck whatever else.

I enjoyed seeing Michael again as that character was very well designed and while he retired from his duty because of injury he still seems to be the person who will help Harry whenever there is need and he protects what is most precious to Harry.

This book ended on a cliff hanger and while that does annoy me it also makes me anticipate the next book even more.

Jim butcher is truly amazing in his writing and this is the 16th novel in the long running series.

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