Forgive me for putting something not book related on the blog. There is so much discussion on sexual assault and abuse of children in gymnastics and other sports.

I watched Athlete A which is the reporting andnthr final end for the abuse by a Dr for USA gymnastics. Larry Nassar was the sexual assaulted however he didn’t really start this whole mess.

That you have to out down to the organization as they knew of the abusive nature that some coaches had been doing. The problem is that they hid the assaults so much so that noone knew just what was happening.

Being an avid lover of gymnastics it was hard to see what was going on and I even remember watching the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta when the USA won the first ever team gold medal. They were all so happy but if you look closely there was fear in their eyes and it was fake smiles all around.

Readingbfrkm Dominique Moceanu she said in her biography that the people in charge were not nice and could be abusive physically and mentally. It was no shock that someone who is nice to the girls and these are girls not women were happy with that person and wouldn’t tell anyone if they thought something was off with him.

The documentary was so sad as it’s not just the higher ups but one man was working for Michigan state university and he abused athletes there as well as elite level gymnasts.

The fact that this man also did good in some aspects including creating a charity to help those people who are mentally disabled. The problem is all the good he did also has been tainted by the fact that those little girls were assaulted by him.

It makes me sick that all this happened and that he would try to blame his victims. This is scary as most people don’t understand medical terminology but he could have helped to explain things so that they could understand the basics and the reasons.

It’s hard to watch this film as it brings more information out about the hundred plus young women who filed complaints and testified against him.

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