Have you ever wondered what started one of the longest running TV shows ever andnthenfact it was basically the first reality show?

Ever wondered why there were more laws passed and special groups set up for Missing and Exploited Children?

This book will be for you if you really want to find out what happened to cause the updates in the USA and in reality around the world.

This is the story of the abduction and murder of Adam Walsh a six year old boy who was left alone for a very short period of time in a Sears store.

The craze for the show America’s Most Wanted was part of my childhood and at times it scared the hell out of me. At the same time I used to love watching America’s Most Wanted and thought that John Walsh was a very strong man to work in that field.

Little did I realize that his own son had been abducted and murdered at such a young age. This is the story of Adam Walsh and the heartbreaking story of his parents.

It was well written with a lot more details than I had ever heard before including information of the nthe bungled investigations and constant information that seemed to not pan out.

It was a story that inreappy wish hadn’t needed to be told but what John and Reve did was so astounding. They turned something very negative into a positive by really being pioneers in the USA for missing and exploited children.

Truly amazing story of triumph and the cost and cause.

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