The Dresden Files is one of my all time favourite series that is also a urban fantasy. It has such a great main character and so many great secondary characters.

Harry Dresden the only wizard in the telephone book. Who uses those now. He isn’t the fake wizards like you would see in our world. Wizards here are nothing more than playing with the imagination and illusionary tactics.

Harry is a low level wizard who has a lot of strength but also has a lot hanging over his head. He also is a gentleman which isn’t seen very often even in the time period this is based on.

One of the best characters is Bob who younger introduced to in the first book but of course you really get to know better in future books. He is intellect spirit but he seems more in tune with a dirty old man. He makes me laugh even though he is highly inappropriate.

Murphy is the female lead cop that is always around and is so self sufficient but gets annoyed more and more with Harry and his gentlemanly behaviour. It shows a lot that she doesn’t kick the crap out of him on multiple occasions. The relationship between them is hard to classify but they seem to be like an old married couple who bicker a lot.

The story in this book is quite good and makes you feel for Harry and his predicament especially with the wizards that should have been protecting him. Instead you have Morgan who is the biggest jerk you can see even if he is honourable he still is the largest prick you can see who really seems to believe he knows better than anyone else what is best of the magical communities.

Meeting the vampire Bianca was entertaining as she is very strong and influential but still after all a vampire of one of the courts and doesn’t seem to really care about what happens to others so long as she can do what she wants. She is the big baddie that is to come which also keeps things interesting as you feel that something is coming.

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