Thread is a new version of bookouture that deals with non-fiction and on April 28th they are releasing the emotional book called Take My Hand.

This book deals with two very different situations from two best friends. It shows a lot of what friendship really means and how these two epitome that friends are the family you choose.

This book had me in tears multiple times both sad and happy. I am so grateful to have been given the chance for an arc by Thread to allow me a glimpse into there new launch Of non fiction.

The story was both heartrending and uplifting at the same time which is hard to do. Despite two authors and it going between the two families it felt like you were getting the full story at the same time. Wonderfully written.

Memoirs are very hard to read as it deals with things that are really happening and sometimes in the not so distant past. It brings up a lot of emotions and really makes you think and feel what the authors must have went through

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