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Macy Shaw, a journalist, has become obsessed with Jelvias—another species living alongside
the human—and is certain they aren’t the heinous assassins the media claim them to be. For
research purposes, on a story she hopes to write, she travels to the famous ‘Jelvian Caves’ in
She shouldn’t have entered the cave, but being impulsive is one of her faults, and it is there
she meets a man who isn’t human—a Jelvia. Her obsession turns to devotion very quickly.
Or is she being played?
An extract from chapter fourteen
A warm arm was placed around her shoulder, and she was pulled in against his body. She
didn’t react at first, but when she did and tried to pull back, the arm tightened, and she realised
she couldn’t move.
‘Just keep still. We’ve a long walk back, and you need to be fit for the purpose. You’re like
She stopped struggling and relaxed slightly against his body. His other arm circled her, and
she was enveloped in a tight embrace that felt both welcoming and wrong at the same time.
The warmth from his body invaded her, and her shivers slowly subsided. The clothes he
wore were slightly rough against her cheek, but beneath them, she could hear the muted
sound of his heart. A fibre from his clothing tickled her nose, and she raised a hand to rub the
itch, then, wondrously, she flattened her hand and placed it against the gentle thud, thud, thud
of his heart. Almost immediately, her fingertips began to defrost. She was reminded of her
dream, and a tide of longing rose in the pit of her stomach. The connection she felt to this
unknown person blew her mind. And it was a connection she’d felt before—both in her dreams
and in reality.
Unconsciously, her other hand came up and circled his back, feeling the wide expanse of his
shoulders. He was very broad.
She turned her face towards the muscular chest and breathed in his scent. She loved his
scent. His head lowered; she knew that because she could hear his breath as it tickled her ear.
She felt one of his hands move to flatten against her upper back, the hand so big it almost
covered her entire back. The other hand was at the base, and it gently pressed her against him.
‘Someone must have put it into your head to come into the tunnels,’ he said. His voice was
a mere vibration, a rumble of words in her ear.
She purred a nonsensical reply as his lips brushed the side of her face. The penetrating dark,
her previous fear, the feeling that she and he were the only ones left alive had tipped her
senses over. She wanted him to… to…
Oh, God! She was getting turned on!
What’s got into me? she thought.
She felt like she couldn’t breathe. She pulled away—or tried to—but Narcifer was still
holding on to her.
‘Are you hurt?’ he said suddenly. ‘I heard you scream.’
‘I’m okay. I banged my head when I fell, and I suppose I’ll have a few bruises tomorrow.’
A large hand covered the back of her head and massaged gently. ‘Here?’

‘Ye-es.’ It felt good. So good. She wanted to relax against him, but the moral side of her
urged her to put some distance between them. A finger and thumb played with her ear, and
her morals soon vanished.

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