Hurled twelve hundred years into the past, into someone else’s body, things could hardly be worse. And then the body’s owner wanted it back.

Museum curator Thomas and ten year old Anglo Saxon Wulfstan have to cope with a fifty year age gap, a huge culture clash and never knowing from one moment to the next who’s going to be in control.

As they’re trying to come to terms with it all, they inadvertently antagonise Wulfstan’s father, King Offa of Mercia. The King is already frustrated with his son’s “late” development and issues the boy a challenge. Wulfstan is given just a year to find and train ten slaves who can beat the King’s own champions in a fight to the death, but there’s a twist. When his son accepts the challenge, Offa turns the screws to make him back down and limits him to females only. In the brute strength world of Anglo Saxon battle they surely haven’t a chance, but Thomas convinces Wulfstan that if they can find the right women, a few new ideas and lots of training might just give them the edge they need.
In Two Minds is about how two completely different people, thrown together in the tightest possible way, can learn not just to cope, but to excel by using each other’s strengths. It’s also about kicking down doors and giving people a chance. Once they’re free, it’s the women themselves who are the heroes, seizing their opportunities and climbing to the top. But can they make it?

My Thoughts

This book was a simpler read then what I normally read. It has a lot of similarities to those books that are meant for young adults.

While not really my full style of writing. This showed a great historic sense as well as had a lot of great points that will teach as well as entertain.

This book also has a lot to show about gender equality or trying to make it so. I do think that this book will stand the test of time. It is a good teaching method as well and even though its alternate timeline style it really is quite unique.

One thought on “IN two Minds by KT Findlay”

  1. Hi Sean,
    Many thanks for the review.
    I’m glad you liked the fact that there’s another level to In Two Minds, where there’s a lot of other interesting stuff in there besides the story itself. A great deal of research went into making the book as accurate as possible so the people who were into that side of things would enjoy it and perhaps go on to do further explorations of their own. So it’s nice to have that acknowledged, and even nicer of course, that you think In Two Minds will stand the test of time.
    KT Findlay

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