First thank you to the publisher and author for the advanced readers copy.

This series just seems to get better as it goes along. I love seeing the family grow over time and that you see two generations of the same family. It is nice to see multiple generations as you get to really know and are invested in the family.

In this book we don’t really see as much of Mags or Amily which to me has really made the series the hits that they are. This deals with one of the sons. A son who really didn’t seem to have the purpose of the others in the family but he was such a great friend and family member so you get to see the connection.

I enjoyed the story as it brought back in The Sleepgivers from a previous arc of Mags story. This really made my day as you get to see what Bey has made this group into.

Beys family was a lot of fun to see especially as you never knew what to expect or why The Sleepgivers never made another appearance.

I would love to see more of those stories and see how Bey went and straightened out his people.

Part of what makes the Valdemar books all so great is the link to the past as well as moving things into the future. Seeing the links is what is great since the characters all still have wonderful interactions as well as being some of the best designed characters ever.

This story also brought back my favourite enemy which was Karse during the time before Solaris. They a power but it seems that not enough to really help them against someone trained as one of the Sleepgivers.

Wonderful book and while I can’t say it is my favourite ofnthe Mags and family stories it definitely rates as one of the best.

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