First Ilif you haven’t read these books by M.A. Comley you won’t want to read my take on this character as it might stop you enjoying it.

Hero is one of the most interesting characters I have had the pleasure to read about. Most cops seems to be written as either angelic or demonic.

He is anything but those two things. He does have his good points. He is a family man who loves his wife and children more than anything else. He loves his parents and don’t forget I still am upset that his father passed away. He has a twin sister and he seems to try and take care of her as well.

Now with the last point he often fights with his sister who sees him as over protective and not the supportive type. He always tries to solve her problems for her which puts them into butting heads.

He is a great cop who has a unique relationship with. He puts his foot in his mouth a lot with her. That’s not to say there isn’t respect and friendship just he doesn’t always think before he speaks to her. She almost is like family.

He is a true hero in most ways and doesn’t take the easy way out of things which means his job isn’t easy. He has so much going for him which you don’t expect and the support he gives and receives is just spectacular.

This series is one of the few that has had me in tears and guess what I made a guest appearance in one of these books. Believe me I was beyond thrilled to have my name in the one book.

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