First thank you to the author for the advanced reader copy.

This book was intriguing for me as Mia was such an entertaining character and really not what was expected.

The plot was great with a pace that was also great. It may have started out slower to build up to the crescendo of the end.

I loved how Mia deals with everything even though she has a lot to deal with. She isn’t the most trusting of people but she has an heart that is so pure.

I think her relationship with Jay and how they interact is one of the best parts of the book.

This book is very good and shows how justice becomes miscarried. Innocent people are sent to jail on regular basis and it’s hard to always find the truth. In this book they show what a person who wants to find the truth can do.

I think that this book really shows that crime and thrillers can be more than just about the crime and shows that the human touch is needed. That books don’t always have to be dark and deranged.

Wonderful job and must say want to see what else the author is able to do.

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