This is the 6th book in the Natalie Ward series. Please don’t read review unless you have read the previous books.

After the tear jerking emotional fi ale to book 5 it would come as no shock to any that I had trepidation in picking up this book.

Suffice it to say it didn’t disappoint as a book. This is a slow burn book at the beginning but the pace picked up at the halfway mark.

Natalie is such a strong character but you can see such inner fragility. She has to be strong for her son and for her family who are all hurting.

This book has a lot of triggers to it. I do t get triggered but I was in tears a few times reading this book. The story deals with a lot of college girls getting attacked. It hits very close to home for Natalie after the death of Leigh.

Carol Wyer is a master at making things emotional for us readers. I am in awe of her talent. She writes such wonderful characters and the drama that is their lives.

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  1. Sean, I want to reach through my laptop and hug you! I get really involved with all my characters and writing these books can be a rollercoaster of emotions. I welled up several times while writing this and as for poor David. I had physical aches in my chest for him. My heartfelt thanks to you for taking time to read and review the book. To say I am appreciative is an understatement. I’m fairly confident book 7 won’t upset you the same way, although it will endear you further to Natalie and her team. XX

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