From M A Comley New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Justice series, who has sold over three million copies worldwide.

Regrets, we all have them!

But there are some people in this world who are willing to take things to the extreme.

Angela Jameson has everything to live for – a successful job, a perfect marriage and yet someone killed her. Why?

DI Nelson is tasked with solving this intriguing case.

However, Angela isn’t the only victim. A number of other bodies show up on Nelson’s patch, leading him to believe the murders might be connected.

Can DI Nelson uncover the twisted truth while dealing with a fraught family dilemma?

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Criminal Actions

My Thoughts

This is by far my favourite series and what I really like is just how much these characters resonate with me.  The writing is great and shows so much growth of these characters over the time they have been written.

The characters are always great like Hero who seems to have a habit of putting his foot in his mouth at times even in this book as well.  He seems to have this relationship with his sister that always seems to be them on the verge of fighting even though you can see them love each other.

Hero is a man of many facets and is a real diamond in the rough.  His love is so strong for his family which includes his mother as well as his sister and his wife and children.  They are his biggest source of comfort and his biggest support system.  I love the way he shows his emotions as well especially towards his wife and his children.

His Twin sister who also happens to be in the police is having some real issues and you can see that Hero is the person that always tries to solve her problems.  While it does drive me nuts you can see that she has a lot of respect for Hero even if she doesn’t always like what he says.  She is very much a person that is able to handle her own issues and while she isn’t the best at decision making she really does seem to have a good head on her shoulders she just needs a bit of guidance.

Hero’s Wife is such a supportive person and she shows that she will and can handle anything that life throws at her.  She is strong and really the person who is behind Hero and will push him to be the best Hero he can.

The story was very good and has so many points that I really like including the fact that you get to see some of the best parts dealing with investigating and also you get to see the family dynamics.  During the investigation it shows a lot that Hero can still manage to focus despite everything that is happening in his personal life.

Amazing book and I always say this but I want more Hero Nelson as he is my favourite detective and this is my favourite series.  There is always so much to see and you really get the feel for the man both a person and as well as a Police Detective.


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