This is a debut novel and I applaud the author for her unique takes on a crime novel.

Some parts of the story just seem so hard to get into but there is much that is good about the story.

Val is a very interesting character who seems over her head in a role that she is not really qualified to do. She was given unfair treatment to get the job over someone who was more recommended and had the skills they really needed.

Val is or was a dentist till her accident and has been out of work for about a year. She is desperate for a job in medical profession. She lies to get this job and then seems to feel awkward all the time in her job.

In some areas I found the writing strained and didn’t always match with the rest of the book. The flow was constant which is good and the pace it kept the same rate throughout the book.

The premise was great the execution was good but there were improvements that I can see could have been made to make this book really pop.

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