Starchild Book Three: The Healing Stone

A riveting ice adventure full of incredible challenges, bravery and friendship.
When they escape the attacking forces, Mai, Akra, Kalin know they must find a way to purge the evil
of the dark peddle that has consumed Long. But as the news of the Underworld king spreads, gloom
and fear begin to sweep over the lands.
The children must face a dangerous adventure across the ice to reach the healing stone. Once they
reach the stone they must face the truth.
Have they made the journey in time to save Long ⸺or is he lost to the Underworld forever?

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Author Bio – Vacen Taylor is a children’s author with a portfolio of screenwriting and stage play
achievements. A selection of her poetry has been published in Art and Literature Journals. One of
her plays was selected to be part of the Playwrights Program 2017 and then directed and performed
as a performance reading at HOTA (previously the Gold Coast Arts Centre).
Her feature film script received a special commendation for Best Unproduced Screenplay titled
Grandfathers at the British Independent Film Festival in 2018. The logline can be found under
Special Commendations for Unproduced Screenplays here.
Her TV pilot for a series (teleplay) was selected as a semi-finalist in the Hollywood Just4Shorts Film
and Screenplay Competition in Los Angeles, CA. This pilot was listed in the top 50 for the Cinequest
Screenwriting Competition in 2018.
She presented the first mental health panel at OZ Comic-Con in 2017. This panel was a fantastic
opportunity to discuss openly and honestly about artists and their mental health to help support
wellbeing, foster connectivity and provide a culture of support.
In 2018 she presented the panel, ‘An artist’s guide to creative happiness: How to strengthen your
creative performance’ at Oz Comic-Con in Brisbane. Her panels are extraordinary opportunities to
explore ideas with people who are currently working in the industry. She aims to discuss subjects like
individualism, the community, mental health, wellbeing, happiness, creativity, co-creating and self-
awareness which often leads to interesting questions from the audience.
What else does she do? Vacen is also a creative workshop facilitator and proficient in, teaching,
speaking and concept creation. Guest Speaker. Workshop Presenter. Creative Panel Facilitator.
Mentor. Support Worker. Counsellor. Social Welfare Advocate.

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My Thoughts

This series is so entertaining even though its for a younger crowd it still is very enjoyable whether you are 8 or 80.

The characters are so well designed and love how they interact with each other. I do think that it has a lot to offer.

I think the story is great but because of the age range it is a bit more simplistic so it’s great for any age who wants a more simpler read. I know I will definitely continue to read this author.

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