The Bus Ride: A Zany Busnapping Adventure

When Devon discovers his car stolen, he must find transportation to get to his destination before the
deadline to get what’s rightfully his: the urn containing one-fifth of his deceased momma. He hops
on Bus No. 255 and changes the course of the route. As the passengers’ personalities and needs
emerge, they go from being strangers to a bonded family within hours as they fight for each other,
and themselves… in more ways than one. Funny and sentimental, this story will grab your heart as
you cheer everyone on Bus Route No. 255, maybe even the busnapper.
Meet the passengers on Bus No. 255, an unlikely group of people who have no choice but to try to
get along and survive when their bus gets busnapped. Meet Devon, who has a deadline he must
meet, or risk losing what’s his; Doug, a dreamer of a better life, but first must face a sad truth;
Frankie, a life full of loneliness, but unexpectedly becomes a hero; Gloria, a woman who finds
validation in the most unexpected place; Autumn, a girl who desires a family, and a sense of
belonging; Dave, a man seeking justice and equality, learns to love himself as he is; and the Garcia
family, whose family ties brings them to the brink of danger. Follow these passengers as they each
fulfill their destinies, together.

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Joanie Chevalier is a multi-genre Indie Author; Founder & Editor of RAC Online Magazine: Promoting
and Encouraging the Reader/Author Connection; and Founder of Our Indie Author Room FB Group, a
place where writers in all stages of their career go to learn, inspire, and teach.

Joanie loves the outdoors and nature, reading and supporting fellow indie authors. Her writing is a
blend of everything she likes to read: suspense, horror, crime, psychological, non-fiction, and a good
short story. She thinks her two Chihuahuas look adorable in sweaters.

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My Thoughts

This was a pretty easy read with many characters you have to try and follow.

While some find that more annoying I actually feel that all the characters really enhanced this novel and got me really wanting even more about these characters.

It was very well written and the characters were very well designed. That to me is the combination that will win you fans and become a best seller.

Wonderful work and am looking forward to more from this author.

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