Legacy of Light

If only they knew us as more than accursed. The Holy Empire hates the People of Light. Maripes, arriving in its capital, seeks to save his
people from certain destruction. The Inquisition seeks theocratic justice, and it will stop at nothing
to rid the world of those it considers evil. Still, Maripes must try. For if he fails, doom will certainly befall his people. Standing in his way?

The High Inquisitor, the Empress, and a million subjects all indoctrinated to believe he is evil

Should be an easy task.
Otherwise, his son Mono, a soldier in the legions of their people, will face the fight of his life . . .

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Author Bio –
C. D. Tavenor is a science fiction and fantasy author based in Columbus, Ohio and the Director of
Editorial Services for Two Doctors Media Collaborative!
He’s excited to tell stories that engage readers beyond a desire for entertainment, whether through
philosophical inspiration or social inquiry. And he’s a firm believer in connecting every piece of fiction
to reality, whether through their themes or their settings.
When not writing, Tavenor enjoys the more than occasional board game, his favorite being Eclipse.
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My Thoughts

While I really enjoyed this book seeing so much that was good in it the jumping to different times just seemed like we didn’t get enough of the story.

I was hoping for more and to get answers as to what really happened. I loved the character Maripe but was not happy that no definitive end was done for him. It feels that we have been left hanging.

The story was short and I think that was golden for me as I always find that when the books are longer there is a lot of information that just seems out of place.

I am loving the writing style of the author and anxiously look forward to more from this author.

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