What can one say about this book. It was so different to what I have seen from this author in the past and I loved it.

I loved reading about the story and seeing the progression for the main characters.

Rebecca at first you felt that she was the perfect wife. She struggled with motherhood and her husband was distant but she still loved him despite all that he did.

Later I found that she was a great actor who played the role of Rebecca the loving wife and mother.

The husband who I immediately took a dislike to he began to grow on me as a character. He wasn’t all bad and he did care for them but he was being manipulate by sources outside his family.

Lisa the sister was a fun character who was the unmarried and often times forgotten sibling who loved her family.

The story was strong and I am still reeling at what happened in this book and also a bit confused as well. Who really was the bad guy and what actually happened in Rebecca’s past.

I loved this book and I think it’s her best book ever with such an interesting character.

The author really had me going all the way through this book finding out tiny pieces of information and trying to put together just what happened.

The best word for this book is Awesome.

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