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Well its that time of the year again when I recount my favourite reads of the year. It is hard and I have decided not to do the best 19 of 2019 but instead just do a top 10.

This year I have read 263 books but am finding it harder and harder to find books that really push me to my limits as well as have something new.

The books that I post here are all ones that have really meant something to me at one point during this year.

Number 10 is Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza. This is the start of a new series and I am very excited about it as it has new characters and settings and has such a great book.

Number 9 Silent Wintee by Maggie James. This is my first book I have read of hers and wow it just had a bit of everything and I now can’t wait to read more of hers.

Number 8 The Blossom Twins by Carol Wyer. This is just a great book even if I was a bit upset by some of what happened it was wonderful.

Number 7 Empires Hostage by Marian Thorpe. This is just what I needed a new take on fantasy style of books.

Number 6 Avaline Saddlebags hy Netta Newbound and Marcus Brown. This had such a great premise and really brings the life the life of drag queens as well as the hatred towards those that are different.

Number 5 Sinister by Emmy Ellis. I really enjoy the dark writing style and just everything about this book.

Number 4 Dead Inside by Noelle Holten. This is my debut of the year and it was a cracking read with so much going on. I love the story and why it earned my debut author of the year as well as part of the Top 10.

Number 3 Paper Dolls by Emma Pullar. This was a foray for the author into crime fiction instead of the dystopian style and I really found a lot that was great about this book.

Number 2 Criminal Action by MA Comley. The next installation of Hero Nelson series and it still shows why this series is my favourite. What a great novel and was so glad when it was to be launched as I have waited for a while for my favourite series to continue.

Number 1 and making a repeat appearce on this list is Suddenly Single by Carol Wyer. This was a shock as it’s not really the genre I would read but I really loved reading this book and seeing a huge growth throughout the book.

2 thoughts on “Sean’s books of the year 2019”

  1. Oh, my giddy aunt! Firstly 263 books in one year! That is quite an achievement. Secondly, what a list! You have chosen some outstanding books, written by incredibly talented authors. Seeing Noelle, Robert, Emmy and Mel on the list too has made me smile big time but to have not one but two of my books in this line up and for your top read to be Suddenly Single is …. okay… now I’m speechless.
    Sean thank you doesn’t really cover it. This means an incredible amount to me. I really enjoyed writing both books but Suddenly Single was such a refreshing change for me and it had the best characters!! 😉
    I hope you find some more fantastic reads in 2020 and thank you for reading, reviewing and supporting us all. xx

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