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No sound. No light. No hope.

On an icy November night, Drew Blackmore is beaten unconscious, then abducted. He awakes to find himself in total darkness, naked and chained to the floor. Fed just enough to keep him alive, Drew is unable to identify his captor, or the reason for his incarceration. As reality fades, hallucinations take over. Can Drew escape his prison before madness claims him?

Meanwhile Drew’s wife, Holly, despairing of ever seeing him again, turns to his brother for comfort. As the worst winter in decades sweeps the UK, she learns of Drew’s tragic past. Could his disappearance be connected with that of a prostitute years before?

A story of how the mind responds to solitary confinement, Silent Winter examines one man’s desperate attempt to survive the unthinkable.

Author Bio:

Maggie James is a British author who lives near Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She writes psychological suspense novels.

Before turning her hand to writing, Maggie worked mainly as an accountant, with a diversion into practising as a nutritional therapist. Diet and health remain high on her list of interests, along with travel. Accountancy does not, but then it never did. The urge to pack a bag and go off travelling is always lurking in the background! When not writing, going to the gym, practising yoga or travelling, Maggie can be found seeking new four-legged friends to pet; animals are a lifelong love!

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Maggie James – psychological suspense novelist

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My Thoughts

This book my first by the author and not my last showed a great deal of greatness.

The fact that this was very psychological and had so much going into it. It was so warped as well and had a lot of amazing traits that I just loved.

The characters I wasn’t really fond of. They all seemed so cruel to each other. They didn’t act like they really loved each other.

Drew was probably the best and he always seemed so paranoid but with good cause.

Such a powerful book and am so happy to have received the ARC as well as for allowing me to join the blogtour

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