Growing up watching Full House and always finding the crazy neighbour Kimmie Gibbler as entertaining as any part of the show.

The part was meant to be fun and quite an integral part of the show. The actress played this part so great and you never would have guessed that this wasn’t just like her real personality.

Reading this book I see a different side of things. Barber is not what one would call anything like her character. Suffering from depression and anxiety is just part of it.

I loved reading about the behind the scenes items and just seeing what type of person all these actors are like.

This is he second book I have read written by a Full House cast member the first being Jodie Sweetin. Both have faced there own demons and of course survived and have succeeded in coming back from there particular issues.

The book was great and just as I would have expected it shows both good and bad parts of life. I see also a lot of similarities between her life and mine. I never seem to feel like I fit in and also have anxiety a lot of times as well.

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