Empire’s Daughter (Empire’s Legacy, Book I)

For twenty generations, the men and women of The Empire have lived separately, the women farming and fishing, the men fighting wars. But in the spring of Lena’s seventeenth year, an officer rides into her village with an unprecedented request. The Empire is threatened by invasion, and to defend it successfully, women will need to fight.

When the village votes in favour, Lena and her partner Maya are torn apart. Maya chooses exile rather than battle, Lena chooses to fight. As Lena learns the skills of warfare and leadership, she discovers that choices have consequences that cannot be foreseen, and that her role in her country’s future is greater than she could have dreamed.

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Author Bio –

Writer of historical fantasy and urban fantasy for adults. The Empire’s Legacy series explores gender expectations, the conflicts between personal belief and societal norms, and how, within a society where sexuality is fluid, personal definitions of love and loyalty change with growth and experience.

The world of Empire’s Legacy was inspired by my interest in the history of Britain in the years when it was a province of the Roman Empire called Britannia, and then in the aftermath of the fall of the Roman Empire. In another life, I would have been a landscape archaeologist, and landscape is an important metaphor in the Empire’s Legacy trilogy and in all my writing, fiction and non-fiction.

I live in Canada for most of the year, England for the rest, have one cat, a husband, and when I’m not writing or editing, I’m birding.

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Website is marianlthorpe.com

Twitter @Marian Thorpe

Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/marianlthorpe

My Thoughts

This was just perfect for me and at the perfect time. It shows a change in my mood reading and really shows some great telling of story.

I was hooked from page 1 seeing a very different sort of world and politics. I think that’s what drew me to this book.

It also is very much dealing with some psychological aspects and while there are parts of the world seems to be very deplorable on a whole it seems that they deal more with positives and not focus on negatives.

I found the strongest characters were the women. They had strength and convictions. They were a lot of fun to read about.

Cohort leader Lena is young and seems unsure of herself at first. She gained a lot of power as well as became one of those people who you would want the support of.

She makes you see that she is capable and strong and stands by her convictions.

Maya is one of the characters you hear more about rather than see. She is very opinionated and doesn’t really want to follow what the Emporer needs and takes banishment from her village.

This separates her from Lena and it set up a lot of what happened during the book. It was basically one of those books that skip off in multiple areas and quickly. It can make things a bit confusing as the first combats are just a side story the main story is the quest of Lena.

Wonderful novel and can’t wait to see what more there is when book 2 is released.

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  1. Thank you, Sean, for your wonderful review and for participating in the blog tour. Just to clarify, Book II, Empire’s Hostage, (and III, Empire’s Exile) are published and available. Thanks again!

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