Alice works for Jaffle Tech incorporated, the world’s biggest technology company and the creator of the Jaffle Port, the brain implant that gives users direct access to global communications, social networks and every knowledge source on the planet.

Alice is on Jaffle Standard, the free service offered to all people. All she has to do in return is let Jaffle use a bit of her brain’s processing power. Maybe it’s being used to control satellites. Maybe it’s being used to further space exploration. Maybe it’s helping control self-driving cars on the freeway. Her brain is helping Jaffle help the world. And Jaffle are only using the bits of her brain she doesn’t need…

But when a kind deed goes wrong, Alice gains unauthorised access to her entire brain and discovers what she has been missing out on her entire life: music, art, laughter, love…

Now that she has discovered what her mind is truly capable of, how long will the company bosses let her keep it?

My Thoughts

This pair of authors are condemned to be thought of as humour authors. They are both great and really push the boundaries of the incredulous.

This book is no different it has humour in it and really shows just how talented both these authors are.

They write together with great cohesion as if they were one mind.

The story was interesting and really reminded me of some of the old school stories in sci-fi. I enjoyed it a lot thinking it is nice to go back and seesides of this genre that aren’t normally seen anymore.

They are definitely one of those pair of authors that you know what you get when you pick up a book they have written.

Wonderful job and really want to see what they come up with next.

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