Maggie is a sad tale of a deranged mind of a person intent on revenge.

Maggie is in the harshest possible situation as her mother just died a d her stepfather is killed by her.

Now she had to protect herself and make sure that everyone knows it was self defense. Even though she was determined to have killed in self defense people don’t and won’t believe her.

All of a sudden all of her supporters are dying usually in the same manner as she killed Kenny her evil Stepfather.

She is accused again of murder but will she find out who is behind wanting her dead and punished before it’s too late.

Maggie is a great character and is full of anger at what has happened in her life. She can’t really mourn her mothers death. She is in a bad situation and she just wants dome closure and to not have to keep justifying what happened.

All of the characters I really liked Matt as I see such good in him as he tries to help and protect Maggie. He is a lawyer who is not like some you read about as he has a good heart and believes in Maggie.

I hated the main cop who seemed always to be after Maggie as he was best friend with Kenny. He is a bastard but is better than some people.

It is a strong story and can evoke a lot of strong emotions in you. Some parts are hard to read but I must say it is a great story.

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